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Mighty Mind

YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE A CHILD BECOMING SMARTER AND SMARTER AS A CHILD PLAYS WITH MIGHTYMIND, because each step is numbered showing a child's progress. It's like a measuring stick. A CHILD’S POWERFUL MIND IS LAUNCHED IN JUST 30 CONNECTED STEPS. MightyMind has been Making kids smarter for over 42 years in more than 26 countries around the world. MightyMind is a launching pad. It’s the FIRST STEP – the beginning point for every child to acquire logical thinking skills. It’s more than just a toy. As kids play with it, they develop a solid foundation that becomes a platform for building more advanced complex skills. It precedes letter recognition, reading, math and STEM. Award winning MightyMind is a scientifically designed linear program that shows kids step by step how to solve and build puzzles from simple to amazingly complex. It’s non-competitive, so every child succeeds. Kids get absorbed with it for hours.