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Bern Helmets - S/M

Got a little one who is just getting started? Looking around at kids’ helmets wondering why they all look like toys? Don’t get us started. We built the NinaNinowith the style, comfort and protection we’d expect for our kids—because we originally made them for OUR KIDS. Made for children 5-8, this all-season helmet avoids the need to buy 37 different brain buckets for every sport they may or may not like during a time when they’ll quickly outgrow them anyway! The Nina hooks parents up with the performance and safety of our adult lids—at a value that doesn’t make you think … “maybe we shouldn’t have another?” Ya…we said it. Stay out there with your fam in our best-selling bike helmet.

Satin Red Strawberry
Satin Navy Blue
Satin Seaglass Polkadot

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