West Side Kids Reviews

...There was a time (too many years ago) that the upper west side, had a bunch of interesting small businesses that catered to our neighborhood.  My, times have changed, and while the area is much safer, it is far less inviting.  West Side Kids is one of the few stores left that I would be really sorry to lose.  They put some thought behind their merchandise, and offer something for every age group.  Believe me, you'll think you entered into a time warp, when merchandise was quality-driven and carefully chosen. Their toys are unfailingly clever and fun.  This is the first place I go to find toys for every child I know and I never walk away empty-handed.  Their stuff never fails to delight.  Long may they prosper.

Susan M.


"*****"West Side Kids is one of the few family-owned toy stores left. Walking into the store is like a visit to how the west side used to be - it's friendly, community-oriented, and has a thoughtful selection of toys. Check it out.

Sara D.


This store is a New York City treasure. I am so pleased that it has survived the onslaught of big box retailers and the internet. I was delighted to find the store open on a January day when much of the City was closed as a result of a recent snow. It had been a while since I was back in the neighborhood and I was happy to find the store re-decorated and the lighting much improved. There is a deep intelligence alive in the selection of goodies; it is almost impossible resist picking up something. Thank goodness for nieces & nephews!


Chris K.

Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

I love this store.  I shopped for birthday gifts for preschool aged children. Great selection. The staff was knowledgeable, and I appreciated that they were not pushing a sale. The children loved their gifts and so did their parents. I had a good shopping experience and will be back for more gifts.


Brooklyn, NY

 This store has anything a kid can dream of. I made a pit stop here to pick up a gift for an 8 year old girl, and some presents for a newborn.  I had no idea where to start so luckily right as I walked in I was approached by a helpful sales girl.  I told her my situation, what I was looking for, and she was very ready to eager to help.  Her suggestions were perfect and spot on.  5 books, 5 CD's, and a make your own quilt kit, I was out $140 and I knew it was money well spent.  

If I ever need to buy more gifts, toys, games, or whatever, I will definitely be back to West Side Kids!

Allyson R.
Alpharetta, GA

(212) 496-7282


SUNDAY: 11:00-5:00

 MONDAY-FRIDAY: 11:00-6:00

SATURDAY 10:00-6:00

West Side Kids

498 Amsterdam Avenue

at 84th Street

NYC 10024