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5 Second Rule Jr.

Can you name three flavors of ice cream?

Sure, it sounds easy - Too easy - But set the timer for five seconds with all your friends and family staring at you and suddenly - "What was that pink flavor called again??"

Five Second Rule Jr. is the fast-paced game of listing things quick, this time made easier for the youngest of the family.

Set the category cards, game board, and timer in the middle of the table.

On your turn, the player to your left draws one of the cards, reads the category - "Name three superheroes!" - And immediately the timer is flipped over.

Quick! You have to list the heroes before all the balls spiral to the bottom of the tube!

"Batman! Superman! The Flash! - Whew!" - If you name three, then you get to move your pawn forward on the board.

Now it's the next player's turn - But here's the trick! - They have to use the same category card as you but they CAN'T use ANY of the same names you just listed!

Every time a player can't list three names - "Green Lantern! The Hulk! Er - Potatoes - NO!" - (And therefore can't move their pawn forward), a new category card is drawn.

The first player to move their pawn all the way to the finish line wins the game!

Boost your youngsters' brains to a higher gear of thinking while letting all the silliness and giggles spill out for all to enjoy with the 5 Second Rule Jr. game

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