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Alicorn Dress with Wings & Headband

This gorgeous Alicorn Dress with Wings and Headband is truly magical! Just like all Alicorns, it possesses more magical powers than unicorns, and it’s truly designed for Royalty! The beautiful shimmery fabrics, the soft shades of the rainbow skirt, and the intricate detailing on the wings make this dress a stunning design to be cherished for many years to come! It comes with a charming unicorn headband with shimmery ears with adorable horn, and features 3 lovely flowers at the base of the horn. Your little one will be instantly transported into a beautiful wonderland of magical adventures!

About Great Pretenders: Great Pretenders aims to design and produce kids costumes and accessories that inspire families to engage in imaginative and interactive dress-up play. Great Pretenders costumes are safe, creative, and thoughtful gifts for kids and toddlers —many products made with quality fabrics, trims, flowers, and accessories in Ontario, Canada.


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