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  • Achy teeth need to be teased so toddlers can have some relief during play time. The Ambi First Keys are perfect for distracting, teaching motor skills and color recognition. This Ambi toy reintroduced by Galt has an iconic design that children know and love. These toys are easy to handle and benefit children during play time. The First Keys are made of high-quality plastic that is safe to chew and rattle till your toddler's heart is content.

    Toddlers and babies do not follow trends or high-tech gadgets like consumer society. They enjoy toys that are well designed and reliable that stimulate their senses during play time. Ambi toys helps children and toddlers with gradual discovery within themselves and their surrounding environment. Ambi toys turns play time into learning time.

  • Ambi First Keys is perfect for teething and play time
  • It helps stimulate motor skills, color recognition, and dexterity
  • Ideal for little teething toddlers

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