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Brain Quest Grade 2

First launched in 1992, Brain Quest is the curriculum-based learning tool that's helped over 14 million kids get ahead in the classroom. Now, with 50 percent new material keyed to what students in grades 1-7 need to know today, Brain Quest is ready to help a new generation review their current grades and preview the next in a colorful, challenging format that makes learning fun.

With bolder colors, new illustrations, full-color icons, and a more energetic design, Brain Quest looks as smart as it is. And of course each Brain Quest deck is still as portable as ever. In the car, at the beach, on the couch-kids can turn to Brain Quest anywhere, anytime.

Each title includes:

- The most current information across a range of disciplines

- Broader and more intellectually challenging questions in all subjects

- A better balance between questions kids should be able to answer and those that will expand what they know.










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