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Calico Critters Tuxedo Cat Family

Mother, Natalie is very cheerful and active. She loves teaching ballroom dancing to all of the wonderful critter couples. She is also always keeping up with the latest trends and loves shopping at boutiques on Saturday afternoons. Father, Mason is very giving and kind. He teaches tennis at the Calico Village Youth Center. He is also very close to his family and loves spending time with them. Sister, Lily is a lot like her mother. She loves to shop for pretty dresses and loves to go to school dances! She is also very joyful and likes hanging out with her sister. Sister, Rose is a lot like her father. She is very athletic and especially loves to play tennis. She does very well in sports and has won several awards at school competitions.

  • Includes 4 poseable flocked, miniature cat dolls with removeable clothing.
  • Parent figures are approximately 3 inches tall while the child figures are approximately 2.25 inches tall.
  • Figures have poseable heads, arms and legs.
  • Compatible with all doll homes, environments and doll accessories from the Calico Critters line of toys.

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