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Challenging Mazes 80 Timed Mazes To Test Your Skills

Take their brain teaser tasks to the next level with 80+ challenging mazes that need to be beat in record time!

This activity collection of maze challenges has layers of fun on every page. Can your young learner weave their way through the complicated paths? Can they connect the ABCs in order as they go through the intricately designed patterns? Now, can they do it while racing against the clock!? Each page has unique challenges with varying levels of difficulty that will keep eager problem-solvers coming back for more.

Challenge your little learner to engage in brain games that can adjust in difficulty as they need them to―building confidence through independent problem-solving as they grow through levels of play.


  • 80+ challenges with varied levels of difficulty
  • Timed challenges that kids can attempt again and again
  • Amazing, artistically designed maze courses
  • All answers located in the back of the book for easy checking

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