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Craft Crush Thread Bowls Kit

  • FUN TO MAKE—Create delightful designs with all sorts of different colors of thread!
  • FUN & FUNCTIONAL—Use for holding earrings, rings and necklaces
  • BEAUTIFUL DECOR—Use as decorative pieces on desks, dressers, tables, and more!
  • CHOOSE A SIZE—Makes 3 different-sized bowls.
  • COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED—Kit includes 3 bowl forms in 3 sizes, 3 adhesive sheets, 1 ounce of water-based glue, and 34.5 yards (31.5 m) of cotton thread.
  • Small is big right now. And these three tiny thread bowls, made with 17 pretty thread colors, will make a big splash on any dresser, nightstand, or desk. They’re perfect for holding earrings, rings and necklaces or they could be set out on a coffee table as a decorative trio. They’re super easy to make and crafters can use one color thread—or even two colors at a time—there are no design rules.

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