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Bright Stripes

Cubby 2 IN 1 Colored Pencils

• High-quality, chunky wooden pencils are easy for small hands to grip

• 8 colors to draw and doodle with. Sharpener included made for the chubby tip. • Use water and the included brush for watercolor effects!

• Comes with Caregiver’s Guide with project prompts to get them started.

• Package measures 5.8” x 7” x 0.75”

8 chubby wooden pencils with natural wood barrels, perfect for 4-year-olds! Create watercolor effects on your sketches with the included brush. Pencil sharpener included, made for the chubby barrels. The included Caregiver’s Guide explains the stages of toddler art-making, and gets them started with prompts!

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