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Discovery 50mm Student Telescope

With the Discovery 50mm telescope, young astronomers can explore the stunning details of the lunar terrain and view other bright celestial treasures while learning to navigate the sky using a simple alt-azimuth mount. The refractor type telescope offers a 50mm aperture, 600mm focal length, two eyepieces and a diagonal for varied levels of magnification. It also comes with a red dot finder and downloadable astronomy software. With the 50mm aperture, you can explore the Moon’s cratered surface and see intriguing planet features like Jupiter’s Galilean moons or Saturn’s rings. Two interchangeable eyepieces give you magnifications of 30x and 48x. Panhandle mount control allows you to smoothly move the telescope up, down and side to side. Full size tripod is fully adjustable and includes an accessory tray for holding extra eyepiece. Use the red dot finder and included star map to locate observing targets.

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