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DIY Hand Lettering Set

  • Try Your Hand at Lettering - No matter how neat or messy your handwriting is, you have all the resources you need to master the hand lettering art form, just open the activity book to dive in
  • Hand Lettering Practice Book Included - Practice makes perfect. Use the Hand Lettering Book to learn how to create letters, experiment with lines, spacing and thickness - simply trace and recreate the words and decorations on the pages, or be inspired by the writing prompts on each page
  • Make your mark: Use the brush markers to explore line weights, pressure, rises and descents. Twist the fine tip markers to draw fine lines, details, or other embellishments. Then add neon or metallic accents with your gel pens for modern visual interest.
  • Create your font style: design your own alphabet. Write a love letter to yourself. Use your drilling templates and sheets. Color in the inside of the pre-printed borders or create some of your own. Whatever you choose to design, the STMT Hand Lettering Set will help you figure out how to bring your writing to life
  • Set includes: 7 brush markers (black, green, orange, purple, yellow, dark blue, dark pink), 4 printed pages, 4 fine point markers (black, blue, purple, pink), activity book (70 sheets), 1 punch sheet, template, 5 gel pens (green, 2 orange, purple, gold), easy to follow instructions 

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