DJECO DIY Your Own Kaleidoscope

Build your own outer space kaleidoscope!  Detailed, illustrated instructions guide young makers along as they assemble the stand, fit the three mirrors into the tube, and attach the lenses to either end.

Then, pick one of the space-themed backdrops, place it in the viewing end of the kaleidoscope, and top it off with the colorful stars, sequins, and beads. (The tweezers make it easy to grab exactly what you want)

When kids look through the lens on the other side, they can't help but gasp with wonder!
Do It Yourself Space Immersion Kaleidoscope
  • Kit for building a quality, space-themed kaleidoscope
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, an interest in engineering and space
  • A fun and easy DIY experience!
  • Tweezers make it easy to select backdrop and trinkets
  • Includes sturdy cardboard kaleidoscope tube, 11 space-themed backdrop disks, 3 refractory mirrors, 50 trinkets, a stand, storage box
  • Detailed, illustrated instructions included
  • Quality materials - Exceptional make-and-explore experience

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