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Little Kids

Eco Fubbles Bamboo Bubble Wand

100% carefree bubble fun!

Each of the three wands is made entirely of high-quality bamboo. Dip them into the included reusable bag of bubble solution and then wave or blow to make bubbles!

Enjoy more bubbles and less worry with the Eco Fubbles Bamboo Bubble Wand 3-Pack.

Eco Fubbles Bamboo Bubble Wand 3pk
  • Set of 3 bubble wands made of bamboo
  • Encourages outdoor play, cause-effect learning
  • Wands are each double-sided for making many sizes of bubbles
  • Includes 3 bubble wands, bubble solution in a reusable bag
  • Wands each measure 6.25 inches long
  • Solution is non-toxic, no dyes
  • Packaging printed with soy ink
  • Forest Stewardship Council certified - Materials are recyclable and sustainably sourced

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