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Little Kids

Eco Fubbles Expandable Bottle

Concentrated bubble solution in an expandable bottle!

Step one: remove the cap. Step two: pull to expand the bottle like an accordion. Step three: fill it with water. Step four: shake.

And step five? Start blowing bubbles!

The timeless joy of bubbles becomes even more carefree with the Eco Fubbles Expandable Bottle.

Eco Fubbles Expandable Bottle - 70 fl oz
  • Expandable bottle containing concentrated bubble solution
  • Encourages outdoor play, carefree fun
  • Expand bottle, fill with water, and shake
  • Makes 70 fluid ounces of high-quality bubble solution
  • Includes one expandable bottle containing 4.375 fl oz of bubble concentrate
  • Solution is non-toxic, no dyes
  • Compact size makes for greener transportation
  • Packaging printed with soy ink
  • Forest Stewardship Council certified - Materials are recyclable and sustainably sourced