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Egg Board Book

Bird eggs come in so many beautiful colors, sizes, and shapes, but best of all is what's inside them!  "A graciously illustrated rhyming ode to eggs. Wrapped in its own firm shell, this compact board book has a solid, padded cover and opens onto stiff, matte cardboard pages. Creamy white backgrounds highlight each page’s avian-related vignette, ranging from a greenish-gold 'shiny egg' to a 'dotted egg' with an elaborately lined, blue iridescent feather nestled in front. Though each page features an accurately drawn egg, there’s enough variation among the depictions—a large tropical flower overhanging a tiny vervain hummingbird egg, a chickadee incubating her eggs, a silly but 'sweet' foil-wrapped chocolate egg—that the content feels fresh. Ink drawings in subdued colors are fine and delicate, clearly conveying the subtle differences among each bird species, and eggs and nests manage to look both fragile and solid. Related in two-word rhyming couplets consisting of one descriptor word followed by 'egg,' the text achieves a smooth, catchy sound ... Egg-quisite."

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