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West Side Kids Inc

Enchanted Sticker Playhouse

  • SPARKS IMAGINATION: More than 190 repositionable stickers allow kids to use their imaginations and rearrange the scene as often as they like.
  • ENCHANTING FRIENDS: Stickers include all their favorite fantasy friends like mermaids, unicorns, fairies and more.
  • MAGICAL SCENERY: Enchanted house scene printed on sturdy cardstock measures 27” tall and 12” wide.
  • PAINT SAFE: Tape used to attach the scene to the wall is safe and easy to remove so it won’t damage your paint.
  • COMPLETE SET: The Craft-tastic Enchanted Sticker Playhouse includes 3 sheets of stickers, 3 coated cardstock posters and 3 pieces of removable tape.

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