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Essential - Learn To Tell The Time

This beautifully designed and thoughtfully developed wooden learning clock is the ideal tool to teach children children both analog and digital time. 
Includes: 13 model cards with times that the child must reproduce on the clock, which presents a digital format on one side and an analogue format on the other in order to familiarize the child with both ways to display the time.


1 erasable blank model card for writing other combinations using the 2 felt tip pens provided (red for the hours and blue for the minutes).

6 sheets to slide into the clocks slot: day/night and 4 sheets to better visualize the notions of 15-30-45 and 60 minutes.

  • The carrying handle conveniently tilts back for added stability.
  • This product develops: learning about the notion of time, discover & experiment.
  • Pieces painted using water-based paints.
  • Wood: plywood.

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