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Fossil Impressions

  • Dig & excavate real fossils with the Thinkbox® Extreme Fossil Dig!
  • From mosasaur teeth to ancient sea creature bones. The included digging stone has 6 real fossils hidden inside!
  • Use the same tools as a real paleontologist, like a mallet and a chisel, to perform your excavation!
  • Sweep off any dig particles using the included brush and get a closer look at your findings with a magnifying glass!
  • Identify each fossil you find and learn more about the prehistoric world with the bonus poster!
  • This interactive STEM kit isn’t just a hands-on activity any dinosaur enthusiast will love. It’s the perfect way to make learning fun!
  • Includes: 1 Magnifying Glass, 1 Wooden Mallet, 1 Mini Paintbrush, 1 Wooden Chisel, 1 Fossil Dig with 6 Hidden Fossils Inside (Ray Tooth, Mosasaur Tooth, Clam, Sand Tiger Shark Tooth, Crinoid, Dino Bone), Bonus Poster, Easy-to-Follow Instructions. Ideal for Ages 8+
  • ThinkBox Toys promote learning through play with engaging STEM activities for boys and girls
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