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Genme Chunky Clay Ring Set

It’s okay to be a little (or a lot) obsessed with jewelry—we sure are! Now, not only can you obsess over jewelry, you can make your own too with the Chunky Rings Clay Ring Maker! This accessory making kit has everything you need to design and make 15 trendy rings in 3 fun shapes—and the best part is that they’ll be super unique, just like you! Choose from 6 different clay colors—do you want your ring to be solid pink? Or maybe you want to marble two colors together—like green and purple—for a swirly effect. The easy to use ring maker is as simple as shape, press, trim! Don’t worry, ring making is a breeze thanks to the fully illustrated instructions—you’ll be a master jewelry designer in no time! Once your rings are formed, have an adult help you pop them in the oven and watch the magic happen! You can even add super sweet finishing touches like beads and gemstones to make your rings really POP. Turn your ring into a pretty pink pig, or a silly frog, or even a beautiful sunflower—then flaunt your new rings with confidence! Recommended for little jewelry lovers ages 6 and up.

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