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  • IDEAL FOR GIFTING: This solid milk chocolate bunny is an ideal Easter gift for your friends and family; A whimsical addition to an Easter basket for children or makes a cute gift and indulgent treat for any chocolate loving adult
  • GOURMET DELICACY: Savor the goodness of premium quality cocoa molded so every bite of the creamy and decadent chocolate is a delectable Easter candy treat
  • FESTIVE PACKAGING: Our molded bunny is carefully package to make the perfect addition to your Easter celebration or a scrumptious surprise
  • LUXURIOUS TREAT: Made from only the finest ingredients, this decadent milk chocolate makes a great gift for chocolate lovers
  • BELGIAN HERITAGE: Founded nearly 100 years ago, Godiva continues to adhere to a long-standing tradition of quality Belgian craftsmanship using only the world’s finest ingredients

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