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Grow Your Own Crystal Hedgehog green

  • IT’S GROUND HEDGEHOG DAY: Do you really need a special occasion to have your own hedgehog friend? No. But could you make one? Definitely. Celebrate this cutie (and spiky) pie we call the hedgehog.
  • IT’S CRYSTAL QUILL TO ME: The crystal kit comes with colored powder, a growing container, 3"L x 1"W plaster base, the magic stir stick, very crystal quill instructions, and of course your adorable friend, the hedgehog
  • SPIKE IT UP WITH A COOL HEDGE: Give your hedgehog the crystal quills it needs to have that cool “hedge” over other animals in the kingdom! Watch as it becomes a mystical animal (or your next cool chemistry project)
  • YOU + ME = FRIEND CHEMISTRY: Stir the pot with your friends. Pour the magic chemistry onto your hedgehog. See how your not so furry friend transforms into the hedgehog it was always meant to be!
  • NO TWO ARE THE SAME: Buy multiple kits and never have the same results! You can have an army of hedgehog friends, all with their own individual identities and vibrant lives only you can cook up!

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