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Hebrew Alphabet Coloring Book

Here’s an easy and fun way for children to learn not only the complete Hebrew alphabet but also 250 modern Hebrew words and how to pronounce them. This inexpensive coloring book devotes a full page of playful line drawings to each Hebrew letter, showing that letter, common modern Hebrew words beginning with it, and lively scenes for coloring depicting those objects and activities. At the bottom of the page is a corresponding list of the words translated into English.
Children will delight in coloring charming renderings of birds, bears, bees, and fish: planes, taxis, and helicopters; a king and queen; a mailman delivering mail; a birthday party; the Star of David; cats and dogs, and many other familiar creatures and objects. Meanwhile, they’ll develop a basic vocabulary in modern Hebrew because, best of all, coloring makes learning fun.
What better way for your children and grandchildren to begin to understand the importance of language, culture, and traditions of the past — and get a head start for classroom instruction. A helpful preface explains how best to use the book and also describes how each letter is pronounced. At the end of the book there’s a right-to-left alphabet to color and an English-to-Hebrew glossary of all 250 words your child will learn.

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