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  • ENCOURAGE FUN - This set comes with one ball and six pins in various bright colors. They’re sure to keep them excited about getting active. They’re made of foam and weighted so they’re just like the real deal, but more child friendly.
  • PRACTICE COORDINATION - We all know how important coordination is in development. Now you can bring home an activity that is both physical and requires posture, balance, and coordination to help your child get a jump start on all physical aspects of life.
  • HELP THEM FOCUS - Children are so full of energy so sometimes it’s hard for them to slow down. Keep them active with a sport that requires focus and concentration. They’re learn how to channel their energy properly, and you’ll enjoy not having to chase them.
  • EASY CLEAN UP - The part you’ll love most is the easy packing zippered bag that the pins and ball come in. So when they get all of their strikes, they can pack it away for another day. They get to have fun and leave no mess behind for both a happy child and happy parents.

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