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Penguin Random House

Knock-Knock Jokes and Silly Stories for Kids

Calling all kid comedians! Hundreds of laugh-out-loud knock-knock jokes and silly stories to help kids level up their reading confidence and joke-telling skills. For kids ages 5 and up!

In this book of knee-slapping knock-knocks and silly stories, kids will discover swallowed gum, peanut butter–eating elephants, and monsters roaming the desert. Best of all, with Knock-Knock Jokes and Stilly Stories for Kids, children will boost their reading skills and confidence all while becoming proud joke-tellers along the way.   

  • Jokes galore! Hundreds of knock-knock jokes and silly stories to keep kids entertained  at home, in the car, or on the go!   
  • The power of silly: LOL-funny jokes and silly stories motivate kids to read aloud and create fun, shared memories with friends and family.  
  • Early reader–friendly: Tailored to early and reluctant readers, the book begins with bite-sized jokes and progresses to full-page stories, making reading fun and easy for those just getting started. 
  • Look here! Funny illustrations to bring kids deeper into the joke and help little ones with comprehension. 

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