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Lamaze Puffaboo Elephant

How was this not invented already??? It's genius and adorable!  An adorable friend and an instant baby-soother! Fold the crinkly ears over the eyes for a game of peek-a-boo. Explore the fascinating fabric textures and then give it a squeeze to hear it squeak. But it doesn't just squeak. The trunk blows a puff of air for a gentle distraction that quickly turns tears into giggles!All of these features are excellent support for your baby's hand to eye coordination development and sensory stimulation. Perfect learning fun to keep your little one entertained while at home or on the go as the Puffaboo Elephant has no harmful areas or surfaces and contains no parts small enough to be ingested. The Puffaboo Elephant makes the ideal gift for a baby shower party - give the gift of learning and early discovery!

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