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Beyond 123

Magical Wooden Pebbles

  • MODERN PEBBLE DECORATION - Make your own exquisite decoration with these 5 high-gloss wooden pebbles in a stunning balance of natural wood and light colors. No matter how you stack them or where you place them, they will be a gorgeous and ever-changing piece of home decor.
  • ☑️ ONE COLORFUL BALANCE - A specially designed notch on each pebble makes them easier to stack and balance. The symmetry between natural wood and light colors is pleasant to the eye, and the pastel palette blends together beautifully to complete a work of colorful art.
  • ☑️ HIGH GLOSS FINISH - The surface is polished with a high gloss finish via the same technique used on piano surfaces that demonstrates the full value of fine craftsmanship. Made in high quality beech wood, this extremely smooth surface reflects light well and adds a layer of uniqueness to this piece of decor.
  • ☑️ UNIQUE SET OF 5 - Each of the five pebbles have been uniquely designed in both size and shape, providing the perfect ratio and blend of colors. The stones are aesthetically sized and weighty to the touch.
  • ☑️ A SPRINKLE OF FUN - The light blue pebble contains steel marbles inside that roll around freely, intentionally designed to create a surprisingly fun motion when it rattles in the palm of your hand.

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