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Make That - Most Magnificent Thing The Game

Based on the best-selling books Based on the best-selling books The Most Magnificent Thing and The Most Magnificent Idea by Ashley Spires with nearly one million copies sold!

Are you a maker of magnificence?

Dump the 185 odds and ends onto the table, draw a prompt card, and flip the timer.

Everyone races to grab what they need to build a device that matches the prompt MAGNIFICENTLY. Then, when the timer is up, everyone gets to explain why their invention is the MOST magnificent.

Some will be smart. Some will be clever. And some will be down-right GENIUS. But one thing's for sure: everyone will have fun!

Get creative together with the BRAND NEW inspiring game of Make That Most Magnificent Thing.

Includes 60 idea cards, 185 game pieces, 7 ribbon awards, 2-minute sand timer
Detailed game rules and instructions included
Packaged in a sturdy storage box
Quality materials - Exceptional gameplay

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