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Micro Sprite Scooter LED

The Sprite LED is the very popular Micro Sprite with light up wheels. It also adds three new colors to the original line up of colors. The wheels are embedded with induction charged LED (light emitting diodes) so no batteries are ever needed. The Sprite is compact enough to keep in a bag, lightweight enough to carry easily in your hand, and is well-built and durable so you can use it every day. For these reasons, the Sprite is popular with both youth beginner riders and urban professionals for the commute. Parents love the Sprite because it is easy to handle and carry, and is perfect for a kid moving on from three-wheeled scooters to their first two-wheel kick scooter. Adult working professionals love the Sprite because it is super portable in the bus or subway, and is perfect for quickly covering the last mile between the alighting station and the office.

Available in an exciting range of beautiful and scratch-resistant colors. 

Autumn Red
Blue Stripe
Forest Green
Purple Stripe
Ocean Blue
Sapphire Blue

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