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Gifts That Bloom

My First Garden Shaker Can

Embark on an exciting gardening journey with our My First Shaker Garden Can! Designed especially for budding green thumbs, this magical kit is filled with vibrant Zinnia seeds, ready to transform any outdoor space into a colorful paradise. What's Inside: Vibrant Zinnia seeds Seeds cover over 100 square feet Easy-to-use shaker design Size: 4.25" tall x 2.5" diameter Fun and Easy: Say goodbye to complicated planting procedures! With the My First Shaker Garden Can, gardening becomes a breeze. Simply shake the seeds/soil mixture out in your garden, and watch as a rainbow of Zinnias springs to life, covering over 100 square feet with vibrant blooms. Colorful Adventure: Let your imagination bloom with a garden filled with Zinnias!

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