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My Soft Seder Set Plate & Food with storage pouch

A Perfect Passover Gift For A Young Child! This Plush Seder Set Includes 7 Pieces: 1 Soft Seder Plate, 1 Soft Egg, 1 Soft Shank Bone, 1 Soft Maror, 1 Soft Apple For Charoset, 1 Soft Potato For Karpas, 1 Soft Lettuce For Chazeret

This 8.50" Round Seder Set Comes With A Convenient Storage Pocket!

The K'arah (Seder Plate), The Focal Point Of The Seder, Contains 6 Symbols:
1. Z'roah (Shank Bone): Represents The Paschal Lamb Eaten On Passover During The Era Of The Great Temple.

2. Beitzah (Egg): Symbolizes The Cycle Of Life.

3. Charoset (A Mixture Of Crushed Fruit, Nuts And Wine): Reminder Of The Mortar Used In The Building Of The Pyramids.

5. Maror (Bitter Herb): Symbolic Of The Bitterness Of Slavery In Egypt.

6. Chazeret (Lettuce): An Additional Bitter Herb.

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