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Polly Pocket Birthday Cake Countdown

Get ready for a birthday blast celebration with Polly Pocket! This adorable Birthday Cake Countdown playset is shaped like a two-layer birthday cake and has 7 play areas and 25 fun surprises! For the week leading up to a birthday, kids can open a door a day to discover exciting surprises! After opening door 6, there is a yellow heart button that kids can push that pops up the second tier of the cake which is door 7—the grand finale! Here, kids will discover an exciting unicorn carousel playset. The entire playset can be used to relive the birthday fun again and again! The themed play areas include an entryway, a walk-in closet, party room, present pile and more. With 25 surprise play pieces and several different themed areas, kids will have a blast with the Polly Pocket Birthday Cake Countdown playset! Colors and decorations may vary. Makes a great birthday gift for ages 4 years old and up.

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