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Rubik’s Apprentice

Struggling to solve the classic 2x2 or 3x3 Rubik’s Cubes? This simple Cube, the Rubik’s Apprentice, is a step-by-step puzzle designed so that you can later take on the more complex Cubes with ease. Look no further for a fun puzzle for beginners. This activity Cube 3D puzzle is the easiest to solve of the Rubik’s collection. Puzzle-loving adults and kids ages 7 and up will love this anxiety relief fidget toy Cube Solve your way through 3 levels of challenge with the Rubik’s Apprentice. Start by separating the white & yellow layers, then solve the circle on the white layer. Lastly, complete both the white & yellow circles. Sticker overlays enable three progressively difficult levels of challenge. The simple instructions guide you through. Invented in 1974 by Ernő Rubik, the original color-matching puzzle toy- the Rubik’s Cube- was created to help students understand three-dimensional problems. The prototype Magic Cube did things that the world had not seen before. It turned, it twisted and yet it did not break. Adding 54 colorful stickers to the six sides gave the puzzle its iconic look. Over 40 years of history has led the Rubik’s Cube to become one of the best-selling toys ever. With the new Rubik’s Apprentice- you can go from an absolute beginner to the puzzle Cube master of your house. Show your peers that you can accomplish something new with this adult toy! This smart game makes the perfect gift idea for all ages or a stocking stuffer for anyone who loves a challenge. Share your Rubik’s Apprentice solving skills with us on our social channels using #RubiksCube


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