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Peter Pauper

Scratch And Sketch: Horses

Scratch and Sketch your way through the wonderful world of horses!

  • Use the wooden stylus included to trace outlines of horses and see rainbows of colors and sparkly foil designs emerge as you draw.

  • Discover many different kinds of horses, from Icelandic ponies to Lipizzaners, competitive horses in racing and rodeos, and special horses, such as therapy Miniature Horses!

  • This is a Trace-Along Scratch and Sketch! The white outlines on the black scratch-off pages create a fun way for younger children (5 and up) to build confidence in their creativity as they reveal the brilliant patterns and colors beneath!

  • They can also use the sketch pages in the back to draw their own horse pictures.

  • Includes 20 black-coated scratch-off pages, 20 illustrated pages with informative text, and 20 extra pages for independent drawing and sketching.

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