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How to Play:

Deal the deck out as evenly as possible, then set any remaining cards aside. One by one, each player takes the top card of her deck and flips it onto a central pile. Under certain conditions, players race to slap the pile - creating a 'slamwich', if you will - and typically whoever is first to do so claims all of the cards in the pile. These conditions are:

  • If the flipped card is identical to the card directly underneath it (a 'double decker'), slap the pile.
  • If two identical cards have exactly one card in between them (a 'slamwich'), slap the pile.
  • If a thief is placed on top of the cards, slap the pile.
  • If a muncher is revealed, the next player flips as many cards as the number on the muncher card.
  • If she fails to turn over a muncher card, the previous player claims all of the cards; if she creates a slamwich or double decker, or she plays a thief, then everyone races to slap the pile.

A family game for ages 6 & up

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