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Slimygloop Aqua Dough Ocean

With SLIMYGLOOP® Shark Aqua Dough, you can create your own bath toys that stretch, mold, float, and change colors! Turn bath time into a fun, sensory play experience — use the included shark mold to create a soft and squishy floating bath toy, or squish, stretch, and squeeze the dough in while you’re the tub!
SLIMYGLOOP® Aqua Dough is water-resistant, so it won’t fall apart or dissolve while you play — and it never dries out! Keep playing with the dough to watch it change colors, from blue to pink, light green to white, and purple to blue. When you’re all finished playing, wring out excess water, and use the reusable container to store the Aqua Dough for the next time you want to make a splash!
The SLIMYGLOOP® Shark Aqua Dough kit includes: 2 Aqua Dough Colors in Reusable Storage Containers and 1 Shark Mold.

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