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Small Foot Boat

  • *Introducing the floating Starfish Sailboat from Small Foot Wooden Toys.
  • * Perfect toy for use in a bathtub, baby pool, swimming pool, or even a natural lake or stream. . * Kids can use the water toy boat with favorite figurines, to race or simply to sail around in the water.
  • * Materials are premium hard wood and a durable canvas sail.
  • * Small Foot has three sustainable premium boat designs available. Quality is such that these can also be used for coastal theme home decorations.
  • * Boat Dimensions: 7.1" L x 3.7" W x 7.9" H 
Water toy sailboat with starfish on sails made of wood. The wooden boat floats on water and has two spaces to place figures on the boat deck.  For a longer product lifespan, remove boat from water when finished playing and let dry thoroughly after each use.

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