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The Original Spirograph - Deluxe

Since it was first introduced in 1965, Spirograph has made it possible for aspiring artists of all ages to create beautifully intricate designs. Originally developed as a drafting tool by a mechanical engineer named Denys Fisher, the distinctive wheels and rings of the Spirograph cleverly combine the principles of art and mathematics in a way that has inspired and delighted generations.

Put your paper in place, set a gear in the frame and rotate it with your pen or pencil to create a unique pattern.  

Includes tray with built-in storage, 19 gears, 2 rings, 1 rack, 3-Ounce of Spiro-Putty, 3 retractable ball point pens, a 14 page guide book, 20 sheets of design paper and a carry along storage case with a built in work surface.

Recommended for ages 8 & UP

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