Jeannie's Enterprises

Transparent Gears Stunt Car

  • KEEPS YOU TODDLER ENGROSSED: This amazing colorful transparent race car is a fun battery-driven toy any kid will love. It has a fascinating bump-and-go feature that causes it to change direction automatically whenever it runs into a barrier. It will provide endless hours of racing fun for your toddler as it drives around without stopping.
  • KEEPS THE BABY MOVING: Our automatic sports car is the best way to keep your baby active. This car will get your baby excitedly crawling, and running after it as it races around the house. It offers a fun way to get your baby exercised by capturing their attention and keeping them chasing after it. Kids get to exercise their young tiny muscles and improve their physical health.
  • UNIQUE TRANSPARENT DESIGN: The electric car features a beautiful transparent body that exposes aH wonderful array of colorful gears that turn as the car moves around. This see-through body design is a great way to introduce your toddler to the science of mechanics and gear movements.
  • CHARMING MUSIC AND LIGHTS: This race car features fun music tunes and a fascinating light show from its bring LED lights. It’s a sure way of getting kids of all ages thrilled and curious. This is an instant party trick that fascinates toddlers. This car is so interesting it will keep your little ones occupied and away from mischief.

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