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Hape North America

Window Bird Feeder


  • Suitable for 4Y and above
  • Invite feathered friends to have bird seed right in front of your eyes with this adorable window bird feeder. Fill it with seeds, stick it securely to the outside of the window and then start your birdwatching
  • The strong suction cups ensure the bird feeder handles the weight of the birdseed, gusty winds and birds hopping on for a quick meal. Drainage gutters allow rain to flow away from the feeder, and a roof helps keep squirrels away.
  • Made of sustainable bamboo, it’s an eco-friendly addition to the outside of your home.
  • The bird feeder includes a notebook for kids to take journal notes of which birds come to eat – their colors, their songs, their behavior and more. It encourages a love for the natural world, and helps them learn logical thinking and organization

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