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Zendoodle Colorscapes Sleepy Animals

Color cute sleepy critters in the next installment of the bestselling Zendoodle Colorscapes line!

In this coloring book, the lion sleeps tonight!

What could be cuter than a coloring book menagerie? Try a book full of the cutest, sleepiest animalia ever. Deborah Muller and Jeanette Wummel's 
Zendoodle Colorscapes: Sleepy Animals is a dreamy collection of hand-drawn, original artwork of the cuddliest animals from far and wide. On each coloring page, you’ll find tiny beasts winding down from a long day, and they just need a splash of color to tuck them in. With your trusty colored pencils, you’ll provide a world of relaxation in dazzling color to make their dreams all the sweeter. So what are you waiting for? The slumber party you always wanted awaits in Zendoodle Colorscapes: Sleepy Animals. Snuggle up in the sweet embrace of Mr. Sandman and the cutest, cuddliest creatures in the world!

- Your blissful siesta of dreamy hues awaits
- Perforated pages make finished artwork easy to remove and display
- Endless possibilities punctuated by power naps!

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